A little golden story.....

The snow storms have finally left for this week and now it's on to the clean-up. Since I live in an apartment, I actually have no physical snow clean-up to do, but I could use some "self " clean-up. I haven't been the best (stelladottie) I can be. I've worked harder, but not hard enough. I thought it was the weather, too much comfort of working from home, not enough work space, no change of scenery, lack of human interaction during the day, doubt, frustration, my coffee wasn't strong enough, "but it was a good Oprah topic today" and facebook addiction (side note - it's more evil than good and more annoying than interesting, why is there so much obsession!), to name a few, that was giving me the lack of motivation and all out laziness. 

BUT!    It's not.    As much as I would LOVE to have an excuse for my laziness lack of motivation, I don't! It's ME! ME! ME!!!! Remember that book, The Monster at this end of the Book starring Grover? Well it's just like that, except it's just loveable, furry old  unmotivated me at the end of the book!

Please don't turn the page!! There's worry and doubt and laziness at the end of this book!! Oh no wait, it's just old worrywart, doubtful, lazy me! Yesterday, my book would have be entitled, There's Nonsense at the End of this Book! But today I'm renaming it to, There's IS Something at the End of this Book, and it's the BEST THING EVER, if you really want it

And I really want it! So enough with my worry, my doubt, my laziness. It's time to REALLY put in the hard work and plow through the negativity. It's true you get what you deserve. If you do nothing, you get nothing, and you definitely deserve nothing and how could you want nothing? 

Time to take Grover's advice, there's nothing to be afraid of, so I'm off to do something! 

P.S. Did you notice what I found today??? THIS! and I love it! 
Also - when did Grover ever get old? Isn't he like 5?? 

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