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I'm here! Contrary to the movie, I'm NOT taking a day off!

I've been absent in my blogging and etsy item posting for good reason. I'm organizing! Just over a week ago, I watched this - http://www.etsy.com/storque/seller-handbook/etsy-success-symposium-11615/

The ETSY Success Symposium, and it was wonderful! It was an all day affair dedicated to really understanding and enhancing your business, or should I say, making it an actual business. The number one thing I learned was to seriously get organized before going any further. SO I am! I have been financing, list making, questions asking, re-doing, tax figuring, problem solving and organizing my way to a better business, a better stelladottie. This first thing I realized into this process? I was going about it all wrong! After doing some "finance" homework, I realized I wasn't really making a profit at all! Yes, to sell things, you must make things, but to make and sell them blindly is just pointless. I've learned what it takes to be an actual business. I didn't think this would be easy, but I now know there is a systematic process that goes along with the creative one and even though it's a lot of work - it makes it easier. So once again, those fantastic people over at etsy have helped open the eye of the seller to ACTUALLY become successful!

So I still have some business fixing to do, but hope to see you on the successful side very soon!  

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