On to the next one...

"I move forward, the only direction, cant be scared to fail, search and perfection..." 

Ok, so Jay-Z wasn't talking about crafting, but I am! I would like to say I came up with the theory that making what you love, works better than making what you think people will love, but I didn't and I think it's one of the best theories going. I love Jay-Z, so how about my crafts? 
I loved the pottery I made and I miss that feeling. I've been on a break from ceramics since I moved back downstate. Not a willing break, but a financial/searching for a space to work in break. To keep my crafting dream going and an outlet for ceramics, I picked up sewing. But with my "got to make money" brain, I started to make what I thought people would "like" and buy, not what I loved making. It wasn't exciting me, it wasn't challenging me, and it wasn't paying me. It was frustrating me. SO, with a "what the hell are you doing" lecture to myself and lack of sales on etsy, I'm on to MY next one. My next one of what I love to design and create.
So again, they say if you love what you make, so will others. I hope this holds true for many reasons, but most of all because you should live what you love, time's too short to just "kinda like things." :)

So here is the start of my new (I LOVE IT!) collection. It still needs a name, but this one really reminds me of Goldie Hawn in her Laugh-In days! Maybe it's the eye lashes.....

First, colors and patterns I love!

It started with one.....

(Oh, here's where I craft!)

I added some more.....

and more.....

even more.....

now I'm just getting out of control!

EYES! (lashes....)

sew, sew, sew

Oooooooooo.....it's almost alive!

I love her!

I'll be adding her to my etsy shop on monday (even though I don't want to let her go!)  along with some other treasures!
Have a happy weekend, do something you love!! 


Happy Monday!

Today is a day of making, posting and blogging. But as a special treat I would like to share some pictures that make me happy! Friday we went down to the city (NY) to see the Martha Stewart Show. She's pretty in person, has an odd sense of fashion, and wasn't AS snooty as I thought she'd be! Haha! The show we went to was primarily about yoga, so we didn't bring any great freebies home, but some craft supplies would have been nice!!

I didn't take my camera down because my bag already weighed 35 pounds and fiddling with a camera in the midst of a bustling manhattan day is not so appealing to me. So here are some pictures of the TREASURES I brought home! :) 

A trip to Billy's!

 2 Red Velvet, 1 Chocolate/Vanilla, 1 Vanilla/Chocolate...

Was there ever a more beautiful picture!! ??

Finally! A trip to MOOD!

Oh, what to make?!

AND FINALLY! My sneak peak has been posted, the Dorothy Clutch! 


And meet her sister, Alice! 



Sneak Peek!

Happy Monday!! Today I am cleaning and organizing so I can properly go about my stelladottie way, without tripping over christmas things! Hopefully I will finish today too - since my motivation is about a 2 on the scale!

So I leave you with a sneak peek......that will make it's official debut very soon!


Oh, Friday.....

Oh Friday, what to do with you! My New Years resolution is going so-so....I'm not too sure where to begin with everything. I want to get organized first, but get myself jumbled in designing, making, posting, blogging, facebooking, etsy stalking, google analytics, laundry, dishes, talking on the phone....etc, then I freak about making no $$$, so it makes me extra frazzled! I think I need to derive a plan, what to do on what days, what times, how many...etc, to make this plan and dream work. I can do it, I can do it, I can do it!
Can I do it??

So on this slow and snowy day.....

My STUFFED collection wished they had snowsuits and working bodies!

I kind of inventoried my fabric supplies for my weekend trip to Jo-Ann Fabrics....MOOD, why must you only be in the city!!??

 I took some pointers from my favorite crafter and comedian.....by the way, if you don't own this book, you should!

 I drank lots of coffee out of my MRS. K mug, although I haven't legally changed it to the K yet!

I sketched some new designs and ate donuts!

 And when my husband got home, he made a pre-dinner (gigantic) vegetable platter! HAHAHA!!
I shouldn't make fun of him too much....he does everything with a huge heart. :) Let's hope his huge heart continues through this weekend full of cleaning, organizing and shopping!

Happy Weekend to everyone else! :)


Today's Special......

Today I am introducing Bernie and Bernice to etsy. They are super sweet, especially together! They are part of my STUFFED collection, I hoping to make many more friends to stuff my STUFFED! :)


Happy New Year!

I'll welcome you to stelladottie and me to blogger!

Last year was filled with wonderful things! I got married and went on a honeymoon, I got to see Pee Wee on broadway(!!!) and as always, I had great times with my family and friends....but I want more!!

My 2011 New Years resolution, and one of my biggest to date, is....."to get it to together!" AKA....make it work, be who I really want to be. I want to be stelladottie....in the crafting/professional sense. I want to use my formal education, my somewhat slammin' skills and that personal drive (I know is somewhere!) to become famous stelladottie! A stelladottie who creates, sells and most of all loves her work! By next year, I want to be able to say..."I'm a CRAFTER, and a good one!" when asked the dreaded..."so what do you do?????" question! And maybe someone will say..."oh yeah, stelladottie, I've heard of her!" :)

So come follow me as I create, cry, pout, laugh, smile, lose it, gain it, and make my way to famous crafting!! ( I hope!)