Happy Monday!

Today is a day of making, posting and blogging. But as a special treat I would like to share some pictures that make me happy! Friday we went down to the city (NY) to see the Martha Stewart Show. She's pretty in person, has an odd sense of fashion, and wasn't AS snooty as I thought she'd be! Haha! The show we went to was primarily about yoga, so we didn't bring any great freebies home, but some craft supplies would have been nice!!

I didn't take my camera down because my bag already weighed 35 pounds and fiddling with a camera in the midst of a bustling manhattan day is not so appealing to me. So here are some pictures of the TREASURES I brought home! :) 

A trip to Billy's!

 2 Red Velvet, 1 Chocolate/Vanilla, 1 Vanilla/Chocolate...

Was there ever a more beautiful picture!! ??

Finally! A trip to MOOD!

Oh, what to make?!

AND FINALLY! My sneak peak has been posted, the Dorothy Clutch! 


And meet her sister, Alice! 


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  1. I would die for those cupcakes right now. I love your blog!! You're like the Carrie Bradshaw of crafting, such a good writer!!!- if she was a real person.