On to the next one...

"I move forward, the only direction, cant be scared to fail, search and perfection..." 

Ok, so Jay-Z wasn't talking about crafting, but I am! I would like to say I came up with the theory that making what you love, works better than making what you think people will love, but I didn't and I think it's one of the best theories going. I love Jay-Z, so how about my crafts? 
I loved the pottery I made and I miss that feeling. I've been on a break from ceramics since I moved back downstate. Not a willing break, but a financial/searching for a space to work in break. To keep my crafting dream going and an outlet for ceramics, I picked up sewing. But with my "got to make money" brain, I started to make what I thought people would "like" and buy, not what I loved making. It wasn't exciting me, it wasn't challenging me, and it wasn't paying me. It was frustrating me. SO, with a "what the hell are you doing" lecture to myself and lack of sales on etsy, I'm on to MY next one. My next one of what I love to design and create.
So again, they say if you love what you make, so will others. I hope this holds true for many reasons, but most of all because you should live what you love, time's too short to just "kinda like things." :)

So here is the start of my new (I LOVE IT!) collection. It still needs a name, but this one really reminds me of Goldie Hawn in her Laugh-In days! Maybe it's the eye lashes.....

First, colors and patterns I love!

It started with one.....

(Oh, here's where I craft!)

I added some more.....

and more.....

even more.....

now I'm just getting out of control!

EYES! (lashes....)

sew, sew, sew

Oooooooooo.....it's almost alive!

I love her!

I'll be adding her to my etsy shop on monday (even though I don't want to let her go!)  along with some other treasures!
Have a happy weekend, do something you love!! 

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