Yes, I love technology, but not right now, as much, you see.....

Sometimes I wish Kip was my brother.....he and Uncle Rico could fix all my technical problems or at least provide some comic relief.

Kip - Napoleon Dynamite

I really hate my camera, like really hate it. It was a birthday present from my husband (then boyfriend!) two or three years ago. I think he was a little disappointed it didn't turn into a prize possession of mine, but then he witnessed the failure firsthand. At first it was ok. At the time it ranked high in compact digital cameras and then it went downhill fast. Exhibits 1-5.....

Close up in bright light - more like underwater pool setting 

even better.........

Night scene, that magically cuts people in half!

Action with zoooommmmmm! 

 Pitch dark with a flashlight setting - just kidding, it's close up in bright light again!

Now before I'm labeled a whining camera-basher, there have been some good moments. Exhibits 6-9.....

It's always loved the beach!

Although there are occasional good moments with my bad camera, it just not working for me. Yesterday I took about 400 pictures of 3 items to sell and came out with about 10 usable ones (plus had to take redo photos of an item this morning because they all came out terrible yesterday!). It also took me 2 hours to upload the pictures because it is now refusing to simply upload to iphoto with it's adapter. I had to take the memory card out of the camera, stick it in a digital photo frame and hook the frame up to the computer to download the photos. I already have to take more time taking pictures than I would like, because the light is never right for my temperamental, princess camera, but also have to make time-consuming sets to get a decent picture.....exhibit 10.

It's not that dark in my apartment, it's the camera again! 

This camera is just plain wasting precious time. This weekend I'll be on the hunt for my next camera....I looked up trade in programs for my existing camera and was offered a whooping $4.00 buy back credit. I guess that should tell me something!

Have a DYNAMITE weekend! I wish that was my last name.....dang!

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