New things!

Today I posted a couple of new items, my fancy barn owl and my pretty sloth! Last week I had two sales and am hoping for at least the same this week! Gooooo me...finally some sales! I have to make more things tonight and hope everything goes well, since this weekend I will be away from my creating. Now since I am selling things, I want all my time to be dedicated to it and don't like to be away from it for too long - I guess that's a good thing! :) Also etsy just made a wish of mine come true today...draft listing! Now you make a draft listing for an item and save it, then publicly list it when you want to! Now I can put the listing together anytime and post in high traffic times...if I only had the iphone, I could list from anywhere!!!!!!  My wishlist has expanded to a new camera and iphone....well I guess if I keep selling, it may become a wish-come-true-list. :)

Happy almost 3 day weekend! 

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